Unique features

Internationally recognised curriculum
A registered Cambridge Associate
24/7 availability of resources in the online LMS
Tutorial sessions with qualified and experienced Cambridge teachers
Platform with interactive videos, e-books and diagnostics
Sophisticated technology to ensure engagement and retention
Parent login accounts
Additional enrichment through informal clubs and societies

Committed To Educating And Nurturing All Students So They May Grow Towards Responsible Global Citizensh​ip.


We believe education should be easily accessible and understandable to all, and we have implemented various AI and Machine learning engines to help students achieve their goals.


Our technology-driven approach ensures detailed and up-to-the-minute reporting. Notifications are sent to parents or guardians outlining the students’ performance based on participation and assessments.


All subjects are presented in a fun and interactive way to ensure maximum learner engagement. Lectures and topics are presented in multimedia formats and assessed with quizzes as well as game-based learning.


Our online classes are underpinned by a flipped classroom methodology, hence we prioritize active learning during class time by providing online course material on our LMS.


Our interactive e-books allow learners to bookmark, make notes, copy, paste, highlight and add notes to their individual e-books.


At Boston home education, parents/guardians remain the primary facilitators of the learning journey and therefore it is vital for you to have access to the Learner Management System (LMS) so that you are able to directly monitor your child’s progress in the elements supported by Boston.

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