1. Assessment

Learners complete Cambridge Lower Secondary (Stage 7, Stage 8 and Stage 9) Mathematics assessments.

These assessments comprehensively and holistically assess content as prescribed by the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum, which includes the following learning units: 

  • Number and calculation
  • Algebraic representation and manipulation
  • Shape and measure
  • Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion
  • Probability
  • Sequences, functions and graphs
  • Position and transformation
  • Angles and constructions

The results of these assessments are analysed to identify a learner’s areas of strength and specific areas that need both support and remediation.

2. Benchmarks

Benchmarks, as prescribed by the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum, serve as a reference point, ensuring that a learner's progress is measured against these established criteria. 

3. Individualized Support Plan

A tailored individualized learning support plan is created, based on a learner’s specific assessment results and the requisites of the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum.

This individualized learning support plan identifies content areas that need remediation and support. It maps out the customized learning path that will lead to a solid Mathematics foundation and readiness for IGCSE Mathematics.

Additional support is available in the form of live classes and remedial teaching in a one-to-one setting.   

4. Evaluation

A learner is continuously evaluated and assessed to determine progress and whether outcomes are achieved. As a learner’s unique needs and circumstances also change over time, the individual learning support plan is regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure that a learner achieves the set outcomes and attains readiness for IGCSE mathematics. This ensures that every learner reaches their full potential and ultimately both thrives and excels in Mathematics.

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